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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Glance at Our Week ~ Aug. 15

We have had a wonderful start to our week! I am so proud of the children!  We have learned new routines and rules!  Please help your child become responsible and check his/her agenda daily. Homework assignments are written down each day by the students. We go over the necessary books, notebooks, etc. that are needed for homework each day. You knowing what is for homework and making sure your child does it is very important too.  Agendas, spelling notebooks, and homework folders will come home daily M - Th.  Remember that Spelling and Reading tests are on Fridays of each week.  Other subjects will be tested over as we finish that unit of study.
 Here is a look at some of the things we will be studying this week: Reading: "Officer Buckle and Gloria"
Vocabulary study and decoding long words (focus skill)
Spelling: words with short a or short e
Language: types of sentences (statement, command, question, exclamation)
Math: place value/skip counting, patterns, standard form, expanded form, and word form
Social Studies: begin our unit on communities

Remember that this Friday will be our first Show and Tell. Help your child pick an item to bring in and be sure they can tell the class some neat things about his/her show and tell. This Friday is also Spirit Day with casual dress. (See the student handbook for clarification, if needed)

We are "a rocking and a rolling"! I know we will have a super year in third grade at TSA!

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