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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Flat Stanley...Don't Forget

Several people have turned this in!!  If you are having trouble, let me know!!

We read a book entitled Flat Stanley. It is a story of a boy who is flattened by a falling bulletin board during the night. Luckily, Stanley is unhurt, but his life does change due to his new shape. Stanley is interested in visiting a friend who lives in California. Stanley's family realizes that sending Flat Stanley through the United States mail would be much cheaper than purchasing an airline ticket. Throughout the story, Stanley has many great adventures as a flat person.

The students and I are hoping you can help us with a little project. We are each going to make our own Flat Stanley, and we want to send him to a friend, relative, or pen pal. Please choose someone that you feel would respond. We are hoping to receive pictures and tales of Stanley's adventures. If you will send in the name and full mailing address, we will get the letter and Stanley ready. When the envelope comes home, it will be your job to see that the letter gets mailed. We are anxious to see where all Stanley will go!

_**Please try to return the bottom part by Thursday! We will be writing our letter on Friday. Please print clearly!

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