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Friday, February 17, 2012

Service Project

Daybreak Shelter on Walnut Street in downtown Macon will have a reading area open to local homeless people for one day a week starting on Monday, February 20th.
Below are some of the supplies needed. A donation box will be located in the TSA Cafe. You may also email Sister Elizabeth Greim at daybreak.macon@gmail.com, and she will coordinate with you where you can drop off larger items.

Book Cases
Floor Lamps
Coffee Tables
Comfortable Chairs
Board Games
Art Supplies (sketch paper, pencil, pens, and markers)
Coffee Mugs
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Hand Sanitizer
Coffee, filters, stirrers, cream, sugar
Snack items (like chips, fresh fruits, but no pastries or cupcakes)
Small Plates

Sister Elizabeth Greim, director of Daybreak, said the shelter's reading area will be much like a living room area, where homeless people can grab a cup of coffee, read a magazine or play games for a couple of hours during the afternoon.

This is just one part of the services that they plan to provide. They are going to be renovating the entire building on Walnut Street where they will have job-hunting, medical and mental health services for homeless people. While many of the services are not yet in place, they wanted to start helping people right away.

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