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Friday, March 30, 2012

Flat Stanley is BACK!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!  Way to go, boys!  Jacob and Matthew have presented and shared about their Flat Stanley's adventures.  Two very unique and interesting presentations!!  I'm very proud of you, boys!!!  Everybody should be getting him back and working on this.
 Here are the directions again for Flat Stanley.
 A number of students are getting pictures, letters, emails, etc. back from Flat Stanley. I am happy to hear that Stanley is having fun in his travels. Collect as much information, pictures, etc. as you can! Everyone will present to the class the results of their Stanley’s visit. When you get Stanley home, think of a creative way to display his adventures. You may do a poster, a scrapbook, a booklet, a PowerPoint, etc. Be sure to include the emails or letters documenting his vacation. Then, your child can bring it to school to share with the class. Parents may help with ideas for this project, but I want this to be your child's work. All projects should be turned in and presented by April 2oth. Any time your project is ready, bring it on in to share! If you are having trouble getting Stanley back, just let me know! I understand that this is out of your hands. I hope you had fun with Flat Stanley and his adventures! We will also display your projects in the hallway. Enjoy working on this together! Thanks for your involvement in this activity. It is always one that former students remember with fondness. 

Below is a rubric (grade sheet) for this project.
20 points each for the following:
____ letter
____ pictures
____ presentation (speaks clearly, knowledge of poster and  location of Stanley’s adventure)

10 points each for the following:
_____ organization
_____ creativity
_____ neatness
_____ followed directions and completed project on time


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