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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Biography Project Info

This note about our biography project came home in Friday Folders.  Here it is again in case you have forgotten.

• Today each student chose a biography book from our library to read.
• On May 7, 8, and 9 (days will be assigned), the student will tell the class at least three interesting facts they learned about their famous person.
The student will need a visual aide (a puppet, powerpoint, Prezi, photographs, shadowbox, dress-up, etc.) to go along with his/her report.  Be creative and have fun with this. 

In class we will also create a “Bio-Buddy” and a brief summary of the famous person. Be reading your book and gathering information.

Rubric: (20 pts. each)
• Knowledge of subject
• Completed on time
• Visual aide
• Bio-Buddy (in class work)
• Summary (in class work)

We hope the children will enjoy reading about a famous person and will learn about others from their classmates. The Bio-Buddies and summaries will be on display in our hallway at a later date. Read, read, read and learn some neat facts!

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