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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reminder about Outwear and Info from Ms. Jones

This is from Dr. Riley:
There have been questions from both parents and staff about outerwear. Outerwear that does not have the school logo on the outside is permissible as long as it is removed once inside the building. Outerwear that is worn throughout the day must have the school logo. This is in the handbook, but you may need to remind your students again.
This is from Ms. Jones:
Art Fundraiser Info will be in your child's Friday Folder. : I was just made aware that the slips MUST be returned in order for the students art to be hung. If they do not return the slip, their art will be on site with the availability to be hung but will not be up initially and may upset a child. I'd like to see them all returned, even if they do not plan to attend.

***Look for the form and flyer in Friday Folders! This is also the night of the Elementary Christmas Musical for grades 1 -3. I know you will want your child's artwork displayed!

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