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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our Last Two Weeks

This week is our last full week of third grade!  WOW, how time flies!!!!!! 
 Spelling ~ words ending in -er  
Reading ~ "Armadillo from Amarillo"; genre -informational narrative; 
    skills- vocabulary and cause and effect
Language ~ adjectives and review from year
 Math ~  perimeter and area; fractions; review of multiplication and division
Wordly Wise ~  Lesson 14


Next week's agenda:
 Monday - full day; Spirit Day - Wear your Field Day shirt.  We will be autographing the back of our shirt!  
Tuesday - 1/2 day- Dismissal at 11:40  
Wednesday - End of the Year Pool Party; leaving TSA at 9:15 and returning at 11:30.  
Thursday - 1/2 day -   We will be cleaning out our desk and more. Dismissal at 11:40.
Friday - Honors Assembly at 8:20 in Trojan Hall for grades 1 - 3. 
      * Students should report to classroom at our usual time.  
     *Parents should go directly to Trojan Hall for a good seat.
     *Students do not have to wear uniforms and  may wear church attire.  
     *No, jeans!  
     *Students are dismissed with their parents after the program.  Program should be over by 10:00.

I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you all have done for our class this year.  You all have been a wonderful group of parents, and I have enjoyed getting to know you and work with you and your child this year.  You have made this year so easy and fun for me!  Your gifts and kind words have meant the world to me!!!  All the boys and girls are so dear!  I love them like they were my own!  I know they will do well in 4th grade, and I will be checking on them!  I hope you have a great and safe summer!  Remember to read, read, read and review those times tables!!  Send me a postcard if you go on vacation.  I would love to hear from you!  I will see everyone in August! Love to all!!!

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