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Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Glance at Our Week ~ Sept. 16 - 20, 2013

Math : Chapter 2 - Comparing Numbers and Estimation/ Addition and Subtraction 

             Math Test on Thursday!
 Spelling: words with st- and str- consonant blends    
Reading:  "Olympic Games: Where Heroes Are Made"
                 genre - Expository Nonfiction - Explains information and ideas.
                 skills: Elements of Nonfiction and Inference
                on-going skill: reading fluency and vocabulary

Wordly Wise: continue with Lesson 2- Quiz NEXT TUESDAY, SEPT. 24th 
Language : continue with subjects - complete, simple, and compound subjects
                 Writing - Personal Voice

Social Studies: Communities/ Map Skills - quiz on Wednesday
Bible:  The Creation, The Fall, and God's Plan for Redemption

Wednesday, Sept. 18 - Turn in magazine orders!!!!!

Show and Tell on Friday will have an Olympic theme.  I am sure many of you have souvenirs or newspaper articles or something from the 1996 Summer Olympics.  Please share these..and your fun memories with your child.  

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