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Monday, December 2, 2013

A Glance at Our Week - Dec. 2. - 6, 2013

Reading: "Centerfield Ballhawk"; genre- realistic fiction; vocabulary study and reading for fluency; focus skill - sequencing - Test on Friday
Spelling: words with oo or ou like in zoo;  words with oo like in foot - TEST on Thursday!
Language:  verbs review (action and state of  "be")
Science: Weathering/ Erosion
Math:  telling time to the hour, minute,  half hour and quarter hour; A.M. and P.M.;  elapsed time
Bible: "...let the wise listen and add to their learning..." Proverbs 1:5 -
           God's Covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Thurs., Dec. 5 - Christmas Program- 6:00 - Please meet Mrs. Hardy in lunchroom by 6:00.  Students should wear jeans and a solid white t-shirt style shirt underneath their angel costume (no wings needed).  Mrs. Howd will have your child's halo.     

Mon., Dec. 9 - Kids Yule Love Program~ 8:20 in the Athletic Complex -Each child is encouraged to bring at least 1 unwrapped Christmas toy.  We will be leaving our classroom at 8:10.  Please try to be on time on Monday.  Everyone is invited.  This is a wonderful heart-warming Tattnall Tradition that you won't want to miss!!  
 Y Club is collecting canned goods this month.  Bring in non-perishables any day this month.

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