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Monday, February 24, 2014

A Glance at Our Week....Feb. 24-28, 2014

Reading - "The Crowded House" : genre-play: skill- author's purpose - Students are reading story tonight.  We will reread and act it out tomorrow.  Students are welcome to bring props. 
 Test is on Thursday.
Spelling-  words with -er and -est - Test on Friday
Language/ writing -continue with Verb Tenses - Irregular verbs - teach/ taught and make/ made
          Friendly Letters/Flat Stanley Project - Learn home address - writing correctly and reciting

Wordly Wise - Lesson 9- quiz next Tuesday -March 4
Social Studies - GA Unit - facts about Georgia- symbols, regions, government, important Georgians 
Math - review Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 -   Test on Friday -
                Study multiplication facts nightly! (1s- 8s) 

March 6 - Deadline for AR testing 
March 6 - Train Trip - I will send a note in Friday Folders letting you know what all is needed for trip.   
March 7 - Jump Rope for the Heart - Please send pack signed participation form!  It was in Friday Folders. 
March 14-15 - Spring Musical - We have several students participating!! :)
March 24 - Standardized Testing Week

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