"Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths." Psalm 25:4

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Testing is OvEr!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!  Testing is OvEr!  Some said it was fun and easy, and some said it was tough and boring.  OH MY!    I'm sure they did just fine, though.   Not only do I have a sweet bunch, they are also a very bright bunch.  I am so proud of their diligence and positive attitudes this week.  Thanks so much for getting everyone here and being on time!   I know that can be a tough job sometimes!

Because of all of their hard work this week, Dr. Riley has approvedanother Spirit Dress Day for tomorrow!! YaY!!!!   So pull out that blue and gold for one more day!  Ginny Dopson is sending some goodie bags for us.  Candace Brown and Beth Brown will be here a little before 12:00 to host an ice cream celebration party! YUM!!!  We will spend our afternoon taking a break and watching the movie, Frozen!  What a treat!    Then.......Wooo-Hooo!!  Spring Break, here we come!!! 

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