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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Biography Reports!

Helen Keller, Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt

Thomas Edison and Paul Revere

Ben Franklin and Benjamin Banneker

Henry Ford and Franklin D. Roosevelt

Sacajawea and Sally Ride

Jackie Robinson and Francis Scott Key

Theodore Roosevelt , Thomas Jefferson, and Sequoyah
WoW ! Take a look at our Biography posters!  This project has taken us about 2 weeks to complete, but boy, has it been fun!!!  We started by drawing the name of a famous person.  Next, we started researching and researching!  We used our devices and realized some sites were more kid friendly than others! Some students even went 'old school' and looked for facts in the encyclopedia....AaHHH ~ a lesson!!    We picked out important and fun facts that we felt others would like to hear.  Then, we organized our information.   Decorating and creating our posters came next!  Many of us printed pictures of our person and added them to our poster.    Then, we wrote our facts on paper and pasted these to our poster, too.  Also, most of us embellished our poster to make it more eye-catching.  Finally,  we got into small groups of three of four and practiced giving our oral presentation.(Homework this week has been to practice at home in front of our families!)   In their groups, students gave suggestions and compliments to each other on their oral reporting!!!  SO COOL!!   Today, we presented our reports in front of our classmates.  Several even presented to 2nd grade and 4th grades!!!     Many asked if they could share with the fifth grade tomorrow!!!   You bet you can!!   LOVED THE EXCITEMENT!!!! Tomorrow, we will be writing about this project!    So proud of my Third Graders!!!!!     

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