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Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome Back!!!

Thank you so much for all my sweet thoughtful gifts for the holidays.  I was so touched by your generosity!  Words can't begin to express my sincere appreciation!  Thank you again!  

I hope everyone had a wonderful break. I was so excited to see all those beautiful smiles this morning!  The warm hugs just made my day!!!  Boy, how I missed everyone! I heard so many fun stories this morning about everyone's Christmas break!  Sounded like Santa was very kind to all!  We also discussed our New Year Resolutions.  Ask your child about his or hers!  
It is hard to believe that half of the year is over!!  I pray that everyone is ready to get back to work....finish strong! 

Here is our Glance at the Week...
Reading:  Ramona Forever; realistic fiction; vocabulary study; project due Thursday (see HW folder for instructions); focus skill is prefixes and suffixes; test is Friday.
Spelling:  words with the /ar/ sound ...like in yard and star.  Test is Friday.
Language:  action verbs and state of being verbs; helping verbs
Math:  Test 8 on Thursday; money problems; telling time; division with remainders; 
                BRUSH UP ON FACTS!
Science:  begin new unit of study on magnetism
Wordly Wise:  begin lesson 8
Bible:  The Life of Joseph

 Baby project sheet is due Thursday.  We will complete the project in class.  They will be displayed in the hallway for all to enjoy. These are always SO SO cute!!!! 


Field Trip

Mark your calendars for January 28... our third grade will take a field trip to Grandkids at The Grand Opera House..  Grandkids is an arts education series.  Performances are geared for young students.  You may check this out on thegrandmacon.com.

We will see the production of School House Rock.  This is based on the hit Saturday morning cartoon series.  The show taught history, grammar, math and more via songs and dance.  The production has been updated for a whole new generation.

Look for information and field trip forms in your child's Friday Folder.  The cost of the trip is $7.00 per student.  We will travel on the school bus.

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