"Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths." Psalm 25:4

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Glance at Our Week - April 7-10, 2015

Reading- "Yippee-Yay!"; genre - expository nonfiction; skills-vocabulary, reading fluency, and main idea/details - Test on Friday
Spelling- words with VCCV patterns - Test on Friday

Wordly Wise - intro Lesson 12
Language-Pronouns with Contractions 
Math-  Measurement equations; Study those facts through 8; Speed Drills; Review previous skills  
History- finish with GA unit/ The Peach State booklet
        Field Trip/ Historical Macon - Hay House and Fort Hawkins - April 23
        more info to come
Bible - The Period of the Judges

Friday will be our A.R. party!!!! We will get the 'red carpet' treatment from Mrs. Chambers.... so be ready for some Hollywood fashion on Friday!  Mrs. Chambers will be sending more info tomorrow!! 

 The Box top winners for the 2nd time in a row is....... Mrs. Hardy's class with 355 box tops. Next turn in date is May 8th!!  Can we make it a 3-Peat!!!!! We will be deciding what type of party we will want...doughnut, or ice cream or popcorn/ movie!!!  Thank you to all everyone that turned in boxtops!!!! 

Finally, we have beautiful weather and a spring full of many activities!!!!  We have many tasks left to learn and many to review!  Please don't check out for summer too early!   Parents, I need your help with making sure your child has completed homework and returns necessary things each day.  Please check this nightly and discuss any mistakes/questions you find. Thanks for your help and support!

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