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Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Glance at Our Week- August 18-22, 2014

Here are some of the skills we have or will be working on...
Math : place value to thousands/ review of addition with carrying/ telling time/ subtraction with borrowing...Dust off the addition and subtraction flash cards and help your child master these! There are TONS of fun apps that will help! 
Reading: "Pepita Talks Twice" ~ skills: narrative elements and dictionary skills  
   on-going skill:  reading fluency and vocabulary   - Test on Friday
Wordly Wise - Lesson 1 - Study! - Test over Les. 1 on Tuesday, August 26
Language : sentences- complete and fragments (not a sentence)/4 types of sentences/ subjects and predicates - Quiz over Chp. 1 on Thursday
Spelling: words with short i,o,and u vowel sounds - Test on Friday
Social Studies: Communities/ Map Skills
Bible: Creation - Adam and Eve   

Lunch: A microwave is available in the lunchroom for us, however, PLEASE go over with your child microwave safety at home! I will help if they need it, but the microwave is to be used to only warm/heat food.  DO NOT send in lunches that require more than 1 min. to cook.  We just simply don't have time. 

Third Graders should try to work in 15 minutes of reading every night. 
 Thursday will be the Kick-Off for our Fabulous Fall Fundraiser.    We will have an assembly in the afternoon to inform the children about this year's fundraiser.  Look for more info soon!  

Show and Tell went GrEaT on Friday!!!!!  It was very interesting and informative!!  Everyone seemed so comfortable in front of our class!!!  I could tell that many had 'practiced' at home!   Thank you, parents, for helping to make this a success!!!  I'm looking forward to this Friday's Show and Tell!

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