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Monday, August 11, 2014

Another Great Year at the Best of the Best!!! Tattnall Square Academy

Yaaayyy!  I'm back in business...for the time anyway!!!  I'm still working on getting the pictures current!  Excuse the progress please!  Thank you for your patience!!!! 

I love using my blog to communicate!  It is my MAIN source of communication to you.  At least it has been in the past several years and I hope it will continue this year.  I try not to send many hard copies of notes, reminders, etc. from school.   If you are ever in doubt about what is going on, or what day a test or assignment is due, check the blog. I will get the calendar current with upcoming events.   I may send some emails, but always check the blog.  It might be a good idea to bookmark the site and check it daily!  

Here are a few bits and pieces that may help with Third Grade!
Exploratory Class are Computer, Music, Library, Chapel, Art, and Science Lab. We have separate teachers for these classes.  Discovery or LAB 413(formerly known as ACE) will start after Labor Day.    

If you kept a Reading Log of all the books you read over the summer, please turn this in to Mrs. Hardy. I have had a few already turned in!  WooHoo!  

HOMEWORK:  In third grade the students are required to write down their homework assignment every day.  I have provided your child with a spiral notebook for this purpose.  It has a large Tattnall T on the front.  This is our Homework Agenda.  Please help me teach your child the value and importance of becoming responsible.  You should see your child's Agenda, their Homework folder, and their Spelling notebook come home DAILY.  We do not have homework over the weekend. 

Friday Folders:  These folders (weekly work/quizzes/tests papers) go home over the weekend.  Please review these with your child, sign the top paper, and sign the sheet attached to folder.  Return the folder and papers to me on Monday.  I tell students ...Rightside - Return   and Left side - Leave at home.  Things on right of folder - please sign and return to me on Monday.  Left side papers get to stay with you.  Simple!

Behavior Report/Star Sheet - In this week's Friday Folder look for a contract/letter of explanation about our third grade Behavior Report.  We will begin this next week.  Next week you will see a Star Sheet in Friday Folders.  This report should also be signed and returned in Friday Folders on Monday.   

For those Facebook fans out there : Michelle Bridgeman has set up a Facebook page for the parents, ...Class of 2024.  She can add you to the page so you will receive notifications of postings.  Let her know if you would like to join that FB page.   
Also.....Tattnall Square Academy also has a Facebook page that you will want to follow.  Search for Tattnall Square Academy and follow this page, too. 

Wasn't the swim party super!  I saw the children having a blast, and the parents having a chance to get to know each other better!  What a wonderful way to start the year!  Thank you, Greenwood Family, for your generosity and for hosting such a fun filled day!    

We have started another great year at Tattnall Square Academy.  I am so excited about spending this year with your sweet children!  Thank you for choosing the Best of the Best!  It's GREAT to Be a TATTNALL TROJAN!!!  TATTNALL PRIDE!!!  I LOVE MY TATTNALL FAMILY!!!!

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