"Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths." Psalm 25:4

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pictures from Our Wonderful Wednesday Morning!

Wednesday morning we had a visitor.  Caroline is the pitcher from our Girls' Varsity Softball Team.  She and the team  traveled to Columbus on Thursday morning to compete in the Class A Private School division of the GHSA Elite 8 State Tourney.  All the girls did very well but didn't make it to the championship game.
We are so proud of them, and the GREAT season they had.
 Love our Lady Trojans!!! 

Then we went next door to hear from 4th Grader, Claire's grandmother, about her visitng/ service  dog, Max.  This went along with our story about Rosie. It was so cool hearing and seeing a real visitng dog.   She showed us some of his commands that Max was trained to do.   We found out that Max just loves Vanilla Wafers!! 

OUR MORNING IS NOT OVER -  We then went to Chapel on Wednesday morning.
We sang about habitats, the 3 Rs, and our Great Love for Jesus.  Wow, the sweet hearts of all of our children just blows me away!  Several  had speaking parts, and some gave their testimonies!  Even though I knew what to expect,  I didn't realize I was going to need a box of Kleenex!  What an amazing morning praising God!!!! It is mornings like this that I realize just how BLESSED I  really am!!   I have a wonderful, healthy family. I get to come to an amazing school to 'work'! - Not that I really think of it as work.  I get to be in a classroom all day with these lovely children!  
We just love these 3rd Graders and their sweet hearts!!!
God is Good, All the Time!!!!
All the Time, God is Good!!!!!

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